Pharmaceutical law and clinical trials

We have significant experience in serving pharmaceutical companies, due to ongoing relationships with clients which are part of multinational pharmaceutical companies. A Pharmaceutical Department was established within our firm to focus on providing legal assistance in the broadly-defined area of pharmaceutical law, in particular involving clinical trials, sale of medicinal products and medical devices, their promotion and registration.

The Pharmaceutical Department team has well-established experience in providing services, especially in the following scope:

  • Clinical trials, including drafting clinical trial and clinical trial supervision agreements, reviewing legal issues arising from the performance of clinical trial agreements, negotiating and finalizing contracts with investigators and sites, collecting site registration documents required for the filing of complete documentation with the Central Register of Clinical Trials;
  • Drafting contracts with entities which participate in the organization of conferences or promotional meetings;
  • Reviewing medicinal product advertisements, including promotional ideas, and drafting contracts regarding advertisements compliant with the pharmaceutical law;
  • Reviewing the permissibility of sponsoring and public relations activities, and drafting contracts.

Application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We provide effective and comprehensive legal support for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including an audit of the current personal data databases, the procedures in place, the implementation of the GDPR and relevant technical solutions to achieve GDPR compliance.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of non-compliance with the GDPR and the risk of financial penalties through improved protection and security of personal data processed.

Moreover, as part of our support, we offer the outsourcing of the Information Safety Administrator function and, under the GDPR, the function of Data Protection Inspector, responsible for ensuring compliance of personal data processing with the applicable laws and regulations. 

Mass processing of personal data and information and creation of databases is a key element of the present-day economy. Following the enactment of the GDPR, advice on how to process personal data in compliance with the law has become exceptionally important for businesses. 

  • We advise clients on personal data protection;
  • We conduct personal data protection audits;
  • We provide training on GDPR provisions and application;
  • We ensure that clients' personal data processing is safe;
  • We may take over personal database management;
  • We assist clients in assessing the impact for GDPR-compliant personal data protection.

Investments and real estate

As part of our Law Firm, an investment and real estate department has been established, where legal services are provided by experienced legal advisors and attorneys specializing in providing legal services to entities operating on the real estate market and in the infrastructure industry. Our services include, among others:

  • advising buyers and sellers in real estate sales transactions, including office buildings and commercial facilities,
  • preparing, giving opinions and negotiating lease agreements for office, commercial, warehouse and production spaces for tenants and landlords,
  • conducting examinations of the legal status of real estate at various stages of the investment process (property due diligence), including analyzes of real estate with an unregulated legal status and those to which claims of former owners are made,
  • advising on the implementation of development projects at every stage of the investment process - from the purchase of real estate to the commercialization of the completed investment, as well as in the ongoing activities of developers and investors.

The Law Firm has extensive experience in the implementation of the largest real estate investments in Warsaw. We have provided services to entities running large-area retail chains, also in the field of construction investments throughout Poland. The experience of the Law Firm includes providing legal assistance to investors and architects in their relations with investors, as well as designing and negotiating contracts concluded in connection with the implementation of investments.

E-commerce; Database

We provide legal services to Internet businesses. We draft and negotiate contracts for the provision of Internet services and software implementations. We draft rules and privacy policies for Web portals and mobile applications.

We advise clients on how to protect and manage databases. We represent them in pursuing claims for infringement of rights to databases or violation of trade secrets. 

Advertising law

As part of our operations, we support businesses in their marketing and advertising activities in several markets, including the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, electronic, automotive and alcohol markets. We assist clients in drafting contracts for the production of advertisements, actor contracts, celebrity contracts and other contracts involving copyright. We review various forms of advertising for permissibility. We advise clients on how to market or advertise on the Internet and in social media. 

Public procurement

We provide comprehensive legal services involving public procurement, both to contractors and contracting entities.

For contractors

We review the contracting entity's documentation. We assist in the preparation of applications and proposals. We comprehensively manage the appeals procedure. 

For contracting entities

We assist in preparing public procurement proceedings, including the announcement, the terms of reference and the contract. We advise contracting entities on the selection of the procedure for and the terms of awarding a contract in order to complete a project. We assist tender committees, also in the review and examination of bids. We comprehensively manage the appeals procedure.